Create an SSH Enabled EVE-OS Image


  • Pre-generated base64-encoded public/private key. You can run the command below to generate a new key pair: ssh-keygen -b 2048 -t rsa
  • Linux or Mac with Docker installed and an internet connection.

Create file structure for ISO

  • Create a config directory for custom options:mkdir /tmp/config
  • Place the SSH Public key in authorized_keys:cat <path to public key> > /tmp/config/authorized_keys
  • Place Edge Cloud FQDN in the server (
cat <<EOF > /tmp/config/server
  • Place the settings to enable the ssh server in the global.json file in the config/GlobalConfig directory.
mkdir -p /tmp/config/GlobalConfig
cat <<EOF > /tmp/config/global.json
"GlobalSettings": {
 "debug.enable.ssh": {
  "Key": "debug.enable.ssh",
  "ItemType": 3,
  "StrValue": "true"

Create and deploy installer ISO image

Run docker to create this ISO with the eve version needed. 8.5.3, the currently supported version, is provided in the following example.

docker run -v /tmp/config:/in lfedge/eve:8.5.3-kvm-amd64 installer_iso>installer.iso

Mount the installer.iso as a CD image and image device.


SSH to the device using the private key.

ssh -i ./private_key root@<device IP/FQDN>
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