Get an SSH-enabled EVE-OS image


  • Docker application needs to be running


Check if you have an SSH key and copy it:

cat ~/.ssh/
  • If the output is blank, create a public key:
  • ssh-keygen -b 2048 -t rsa

Add the custom configuration

  1. Set up a directory for configuration settings:
    • mkdir /tmp/config
  2. Add the SSH Public key to the "authorized_keys" file:
    • cat <PUBLIC_KEY_PATH> > /tmp/config/authorized_keys
  3. Insert the ZEDEDA GUI FQDN into the server file by running: 
    • cat <<EOF > /tmp/config/server
    • is being used in this example.
  4. Add the configuration to the "global.json" file by running:
    • cat <<EOF > /tmp/config/global.json
      "GlobalSettings": {
       "debug.enable.ssh": {
        "Key": "debug.enable.ssh",
        "ItemType": 3,
        "StrValue": "true"

Download and create the custom image installer

  1. Execute the Docker command to generate the image file for the required EVE version. In the example below, the latest version will be downloaded.
    • docker run -v /tmp/config:/in lfedge/eve:latest -f raw installer_raw > installer-ssh.raw
  2. Refer to Flash your EVE-OS image for guidance on installing EVE-OS onto your USB device.


Additional information

Connect to your device through SSH using your private key. Run the following command.



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