How to update a hardware model logo (ZCLI)

This article describes how to update a device's hardware model logo in the Marketplace.


  • Ensure that a ZCLI container is running.
  • Ensure that you have the front and back logo for the hardware model that you will update.


  1. In your terminal, check the ZCLI Docker container ID.
    docker ps | grep -i zcli
  2. Upload the front and back logo files to the ZCLI Docker container "/tmp" folder. Do so for both the front and back logos.
    docker cp /path/to/file/LOGO_FILE_NAME ZCLI_CONTAINER_ID:/tmp
  3. Export the hardware model. A new directory will be created.
    zcli model export-manifest MODEL_NAME && ls
  4. Navigate to the new directory.
  5. Add the content to the manifest.json file. Replace FRONT_LOGO_FILE_NAME and BACK_LOGO_FILE_NAME with the appropriate values.
    sed -i 's/"logo": {},/"logo": {\
    "logo_front": "\/tmp\/FRONT_LOGO_FILE_NAME",\
    "logo_back": "\/tmp\/BACK_LOGO_FILE_NAME"\
    },/' manifest.json
  6. Update the hardware model and reference the updated manifest.json. Do so for both the front and back logos.
    zcli model update MODEL_NAME --hardware-details=manifest.json
  7. Confirm that your device has been updated. To do so, log in to the ZEDEDA GUI and navigate to Marketplace > Models.
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