What's new?

This note captures ZEDEDA CLOUD Release 9.8.0:

  • Enhanced Filters for User Names and Projects
    • You can now search for a user or a project using full or partial names
  • Support Multiple Data Stores for Edge Application Images
    • You can now add multiple (up to 3) redundant data stores when selecting the source of app images for new apps.
  • Support Local Operator Console Policy
    • You can enable the “local operator console” policy on projects. This allows you to add a local URL as a local operator console.
  • Support Local Operator Console Configuration at the Edge Node Level
    • You can enable local-operator-console at an Edge Node (device) level by creating a separate URL for the edge node (available in 'Basic Info' of the Edge Node details page), even if the Edge Node belongs to a local-operator-console-enabled project. This allows you to reach the Edge Node and review the details from the dedicated server configured in the Edge Node’s local operator-console policy.

Deprecated Features

There are no deprecated features in this release.
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