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This note captures ZEDEDA CLOUD Release 9.11.0:

  • Zero Touch Deployments (BETA)
    • This release introduces a new project type, ‘deployment’. A deployment is a collection of (one or more) applications, services, and policies combined in a single manifest. Deployments enable Zero Touch Deployment of applications, including their infrastructure dependencies. 
    • A flexible tagging scheme is provided to:
      • Enable the deployment of applications to a subset of the edge nodes in the project
      • Enable the selective roll-out of new deployment versions over the edge nodes in the project
    • Zero Touch Deployments currently do not cover edge-view, local-operator console, or 3rd party integrations. These are future enhancements. 
    • The new deployment functionality is using api/v2 API endpoints. Existing project functionality is maintained under the current api/v1 API endpoints.
  • ZEDEDA GUI Updates
    • Ability to download the local–operator console (LOC) configuration file from the edge-node detail page
  • ZEDEDA CLI Updates
    • Addition of ‘zcli plugin probe’ functionality for validating Splunk plugin connectivity.

Deprecated Features

There are no deprecated features in this release.
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