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This note captures ZEDEDA CLOUD Release 10.0.0:

  • ZEDEDA CLOUD displays Edge Nodes that belong to a deployment-based project with an icon in the ZEDEDA GUI
    • This enhancement allows users to quickly identify and distinguish these devices from other nodes in their environment.
      • Users can use this ZEDEDA GUI enhancement to assign Key-value pairs to edge nodes by tagging them in bulk. This feature enables users to manage and organize their edge nodes more efficiently.
  • ZEDEDA CLOUD provides an easy way for users to access recently visited pages
    • The last ten assets (Edge Nodes, Edge App Instances, etc.) visited by the user are displayed on the top header of the ZEDEDA GUI, making it convenient for the user to quickly revisit pages without navigating through menus.

Deprecated Features

There are no deprecated features in this release.
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