New in ZEDEDA CLOUD Release 10.1.0

Enterprise authentication realms now optional for local authentication

Realm configuration, previously required for all authentication models, is no longer required for local authentication models.

Zero Touch Deployment BETA improvements

The Zero Touch Deployments BETA feature allow users to define a collection of applications, services, or policies in a single manifest. Deployments enable zero-touch deployment of applications, including their infrastructure dependencies, and are enabled through the project type 'deployment'.

This release delivers the following improvements to the BETA:

  • The deployment policy configuration tab now uses accordion widgets to display the different policy types, providing a clean user interface.
  • A tag-based configuration workflow has been added to the edge-app policy, enabling third-party integrations with Zero Touch Deployments. VMware VCO integration (the first third-party plugin) is now supported with deployments.

Deprecated features

There are no new deprecated features in this release.
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