Release 10.5.0

New in ZEDEDA Release 10.5.0

New Feature: Configuration Differences

You can now see differences between the the last fetched and last generated configurations. This information is located on the Basic Info page of your edge device.

When there are no differences, nothing will be displayed. When there are differences, however, you can deploy your generated configuration to your edge device from the device's Basic Info page.

New Feature: Marketplace Filtering

You can now define criteria when you search for edge apps and models.

New Feature: Key-Value Tagging for Projects

You can now tag your projects with key-value pairs, similar to the key-value tagging of edge nodes and applications in legacy projects.

UI/UX improvements

The ZEDEDA Cloud UI/UX has been improved in the following ways:

  • Deployment policies can be seen by clicking on Show options.
  • Deployments can be added by clicking the ‘+’ icon in a project's Deployments page.
  • You delete your deployments by clicking the specific deployment and clicking Delete.
  • You can now select edge apps from the list of available applications without updating the deployment policy.
  • You can now enable configuration locks at the project level.
  • Labels to map volume instances are now available in Deployments menu.
  • You can now upload custom configurations and tokens when you deploy edge-apps that need them (eg: Fortinet).


No new deprecations in this release.


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