How to configure Edge View

This article explains how to configure Edge View. For more detailed information on this topic, see our Help Center Edge View documentation.


Docker application needs to be running.


  1.  Enable Edge View for the project your edge node belongs to.
    1. Click on Administration.
    2. Click on Projects.
    3. Select the desired project.
    4. Click on Policies.
    5. Click on the Pencil Icon (Edit).
    6. Enable Edge View Policy (Edge View allows remote limited access to Edge Nodes to anyone with an Edge View Session) option.
  2. Enable Edge View for your EVE device.
    1. Click on Edge Nodes tab.
    2. Select the Edge Device.
    3. On the Status tab, scroll to the bottom of the screen.
    4. Click on Activate Session.
    5. Download the script once Edge View is activated.
    6. Give execute permission to the script: 
      • chmod +x <SCRIPT_NAME>
    7. Run the script:
      • ./<SCRIPT_NAME>
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