How to enable Offline Mode on an edge node


This guide will help you disable network connectivity on one of your edge nodes. Note that offline mode is not the same as deactivating your node. Even while your node is offline, your edge applications can still run on it if they don't require connectivity.

Note: Offline Mode is also distinct from Airplane Mode.



  • Ensure that the ZCLI container is running.
  • Ensure you have the necessary permissions and credentials to authenticate against your enterprise.



To enable offline mode on an edge node, execute the following zcli commands. Replace <EDGE_NODE> with the name of your edge node.

Disable network fallback:

  • zcli edge-node update <EDGE_NODE> --config=network.fallback.any.eth:disabled

Set reboot timer:

  • zcli edge-node update <EDGE_NODE>

Set configuration checkpoint timer:

  • zcli edge-node update <EDGE_NODE> --config=timer.use.config.checkpoint:315360000
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