Flash an EVE-OS image

Before you can use your edge device with ZEDEDA Cloud, it must be running the EVE Virtualization Engine operating system (EVE-OS). To install EVE-OS onto your edge device, you'll need to complete three procedures: get an EVE-OS image, flash your EVE-OS image onto a portable drive, and finally install EVE-OS onto your device. This document explains how to flash an EVE-OS image.

When you're finished, you will have a bootable EVE-OS installer.


You should have an EVE-OS image on your local system. If you don't, please begin with our guide to getting an EVE-OS image.

You'll need a blank bootable drive. For x86 devices, we recommend a USB device. For RPi devices, you'll need a MicroSD card.

Flash an image

There are two ways to flash the EVE-OS image onto a portable drive. You can:

  • Use a flashing utility of your choice. (You might try Rufus.)
  • Use your terminal.

Warning: Flashing your USB will erase all of its existing data.

Use your Terminal

Note that when you flash a USB using your terminal, you will not see a progress bar. The time required for your system to complete the operation depends on the specifications of your system. It could take a few minutes.

MacOS and Linux

  1. Plug in your USB and launch your terminal application.
  2. Run the following command.
    diskutil list
  3. Use the output from the previous step to verify that your USB is mounted onto your system. Note its identifier.
  4. Unmount the target disk using the command. Substitute the identifier of your USB for IDENTIFIER_PATH in the command.
    sudo diskutil umount IDENTIFIER_PATH
  5. Flash your image to your USB.
  6. Check that are two directories on your USB: EVE and INVENTORY. Also check that the INVENTORY directory must be empty at this step.
    • If your INVENTORY directory is not empty, check that you followed the previous steps correctly. If you did, contact ZEDEDA Support.
  7. Eject your USB.
    diskutil eject IDENTIFIER_PATH
  8. Unplug your drive. You are done!

Next steps

You're ready to install EVE-OS onto your edge node. To do so, see our guide to installing EVE-OS.

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