Unauthorized: authentication required when deploying edge app Instances


ZEDEDA Cloud is not permitting your edge node to deploy your application.

Affected versions

EVE-OS versions 10.4.0 to 10.4.3

Error message

In the logs, you can see that the initial "/attest" calls are failing:

devicename:my_edge_node msg:[ATTEST] Error All attempts to connect to zedcloud.zededa.net/api/v2/edgedevice/id/f4dd387d-5856-42cb-bd02-e90048711f62/attest failed: [send via eth0: interface eth0: no suitable IP address available]

In status tab of the edge app instance:

Found error in content tree CONTENT_TREE_NAME attached to volume DATASTORE_NAME: Syncer Download Status of image name: superset:latest, location: - error error getting 
manifest: GET https://<HOST_FQDN>/oauth2/token?scope=repository%3Asuperset%3Apull&service=zededaacrwsvywdevedgeimages.azurecr.io:
UNAUTHORIZED: authentication required, visit https://aka.ms/acr/authorization for more information.


EVE is failing to transmit required certificates. This can happen when there is a network problem during the onboarding process that causes the first attest calls to fail. EVE does not attempt to retransmit the certificates after the first failure.


Upgrade to an LTS version later than 10.4.3

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