Releases 11.4 and 11.5

New in ZEDEDA Cloud Releases 11.4 and 11.5

Current ZEDEDA Cloud versions

  • ZEDEDA GUI: 11.5.1
  • ZEDEDA API: 11.5.0

Feature enhancement: RBAC for Third-Party Integrations

You can now create roles and explicitly set permissions to add third-party integrations. Now, admins can define roles with the specific permission to integrate third-party services into their projects.

Feature enhancement: filtering in Search

You can now filter searches for edge app instance according to “Patch Envelope Distribution” (Attached or Empty) and “Patch Envelope Name”.

Feature enhancement: Deployment with Edge View

You can now enable Edge View policies during deployment. After you enable the Edge View policy,  your projects will automatically have the Edge View feature enabled.


No new deprecations in these releases.

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