ZEDEDA Overview

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1. ZEDEDA Solution

ZEDEDA provides a simple and scalable cloud-based orchestration solution for distributed edge computing, eliminating the complexities of today's solutions through an open and purpose-built orchestration framework. It breaks down silos and delivers the agility customers need to evolve their connected operations with a multi-cloud strategy. Customers can now easily dropship (meaning direct delivery from the manufacturer to the customer) hardware without onsite expertise for installation, add intelligence on-demand to any edge compute at scale, and instantly unlock the value of edge data to make real-time decisions, maximize operational efficiency, and drive new business outcomes.
ZEDEDA delivers visibility, control, and security for the distributed edge. ZEDEDA leverages Edge Virtualization Engine (EVE-OS), an open edge computing engine (part of LF Edge), to simplify the orchestration of containers and clusters (Docker and Kubernetes) and virtual machines (VMs) for cloud-native and legacy applications on any hardware (ARM, x86 or GPU). ZEDEDA also allows customers to connect to any cloud or on-premises system. By enabling freedom of hardware, application, and cloud at distributed edge scale, ZEDEDA provides a flexible foundation for customers to avoid vendor lock-in and consolidate workloads while future-proofing edge deployments.
Developers can deploy hardware enabled with the open-source EVE-OS and orchestrate edge nodes and applications with a multi-tenant "cloud-native" environment for IoT applications. Developers can provision resources, monitor application performance security, and perform large-scale software lifecycle management on globally distributed systems via ZEDEDA, all while focusing resources on app development instead of operating edge computing complexities.

2. ZEDEDA Platform

ZEDEDA is a central control center that binds the elements of the distributed Edge Nodes and Edge applications running on these Edge Nodes and remotely orchestrates them for targeted business solutions. ZEDEDA manages and monitors all Edge Nodes, Edge Applications, Edge Networks, and more.
Starting with ZEDEDA Release 6.14.0 once logged into ZEDEDA GUI, the user can switch to multiple enterprises. This means that after login into ZEDEDA GUI, the user with access to multiple enterprises lands on the secondary login page. And thus gets a choice of login into the intended enterprise from the dropdown.
If you would like to get your ZEDEDA account details, please send an email to support@zededa.com.

3. User Agents

The User Agents are the interfaces users could use to access ZEDEDA to manage, monitor, and orchestrate the Edge Infrastructure. We offer two interfaces for ZEDEDA:
  • ZEDEDA GUI–The Graphical User Interface to interact with the web-based platform.
  • ZEDEDA CLI–The command-line interface is Python-based.
  • Terraform–Terraform with Terraform Provider ZEDEDA CLOUD can manage the configuration of the objects in ZEDEDA CLOUD.

4. API Token for ZEDEDA

API token to be used with ZEDEDA CLI, Terraform, or a Custom ZEDEDA client can be generated using the steps mentioned in this document.
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