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  • How to extract iso installer from the EVE-OS package?
    EVE-OS installer package is available in different formats such as iso, raw, rootfs – contains only the rootfs
    i. docker pull lfedge/eve:latest //to pull latest image
    ii. docker run lfedge/eve:latest version //get latest EVE-OS version
    iii. docker run lfedge/eve:latest installer_iso > installer_iso.iso // to extract iso installer
The sample override configuration for the WiFi adapter is shown below:
    "Version": 1,
    "TimePriority": "2023-03-07T13:00:31.07683525Z",
    "Ports": [
            "AddrSubnet": "",
            "Dhcp": 4,
            "DnsServers": null,
            "DomainName": "",
            "Exceptions": "",
            "Free": true,
            "Gateway": "",
            "IfName": "wlan0",
            "Name": "Management",
            "IsMgmt": true,
            "NetworkProxyEnable": false,
            "NetworkProxyURL": "",
            "NtpServer": "",
            "Pacfile": "",
            "Proxies": null,
            "WirelessCfg": {
                "WType": 2,
                "Wifi": [
                        "KeyScheme": 1,
                        "SSID": "<my-wlan>",
                        "Password": "<my-key-generated-by_wpa_pussphrase>"
Note: The wifi's Password field shouldn't be specified as plain text, but instead, it should be specified as a psk-key, generated by the binary wpa_passphrase (which is part of wpa_supplicant).
  • How to change the ZEDEDA CLOUD server hostname when an Edge Node is deployed in one of the enterprises in the azure cluster (pmwtus) during installation?
By default, the server config in EVE-OS will be pointed to zedcloud.zededa.net (AWS cluster). This can be changed to a different controller after installation (PMWTUS - zedcloud.pmwtus.zededa.net), or the config file can be changed during the raw or iso image creation steps.
  • Step 1 > Create a local directory inside the workstation.
    • mkdir config
  • Step 2 > Create a server file inside the local directory and the content as zedcloud.pmwtus.zededa.net
    • vim config/server
    • zedcloud.pmwtus.zededa.net
  • Step 3 > map the directory in step (i) to the container during iso or raw extraction.
    • docker run -v $PWD/config:/in lfedge/eve:latest installer_raw > eve_installer.raw
  • What is zCLI? Where can I get zCLI executables?
zCLI is a command-line utility(command line agent) used to view, create, edit, and delete the configuration of Edge Nodes. The feature set provided by zCLI is similar to UI.
Step to access zCLI:
  • Step 1 > docker pull zededa/zcli:latest //pull latest zCLI image//
  • Step 2 > docker run -it zededa/zcli:latest //run zCLI container//
  • How to access the console of the EVE-OS (for basic debugging purposes)?
The console of the EVE-OS can be accessed using SSH. To enable ssh access to the EVE-OS, EVE runtime properties can be enabled.
    • zcli edge-node update <edge-node> --config=debug.enable.ssh:’ssh public key’’
  • How to disable the management interface fallback?
EVE-OS, by default, adds the last resort configuration to devicePortConfiguration. The last resort config is a simple DHCP config without a proxy for all interfaces. Once the ZEDEDA CLOUD config (configuration from ZEDEDA) fails to connect to ZEDEDA CLOUD, EVE will try to connect to the cloud using the last-resort configuration. To disable the fallback config, add the below EVE-OS runtime config using zCLI.
    • zcli edge-node update <edge-node> --config=network.fallback.any.eth:disable
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