Edge Application Instance Overview

1. Introduction

In ZEDEDA, you select an application from the application marketplace (the place where you can find all the applications available in ZedControl) and deploy it on an edge node – This makes an Edge application instance. For example, you select an application from the Apple app store and download it on your iPhone. The installed application is an instance of the application running on your iPhone.
When an Edge Application is instantiated on an edge node by providing run time characteristics like adapters, networks, and other details, the edge node downloads and runs the application. This instance of an application that runs on the edge node is called an application instance. We can refer to the Edge Application as a fictional character and the Edge Application Instance as the actual physical instance, running on the edge node. The bits of definitions like adapters, networks, and other details, which you will bring together with the edge node, become a real running instance on the edge node.
The following image depicts multiple instances of one edge application that can be deployed on either one or many edge nodes at the same time. However, deploying multiple instances on the same edge node doesn’t seem to be practical though, just as downloading the same app multiple times on the same iPhone.
Edge app instance overview(3).png
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