EVE-OS Images

1. Introduction

Edge Virtualization Engine (EVE-OS) is a secure operating system that supports running Virtual Machines or Containers on computing devices deployed in the field. These devices can be IoT gateways, Industrial PCs, or general-purpose ruggedized computers; collectively, these are referred to as Edge Nodes. EVE-OS is an open-source project under Linux Foundation Edge.
An EVE-OS Image is binary data released by Linux Foundation Edge. ZEDEDA manages these EVE-OS images and makes them available to all enterprises on its Cloud Controller platform.
At any point, an enterprise may have multiple versions of EVE-OS images. An administrator user of the enterprise can mark one of the EVE-OS images as the "latest" image for the enterprise. Users can then upgrade the Edge Node(s) with the 'latest' EVE-OS image. Click here for more details.

1.1. List View

After you log in to the ZEDEDA GUI:
  • Step 1 > Click on the 'Library' from the left navigation.
  • Step 2 > Select 'EVE-OS Images' from the top navigation bar.
  • Step 3 > Click on expand to view the summary panel.
Summary Panel shows the total number of Networks based on 'EVE-OS Image Status Distribution,' 'EVE-OS Image Architecture Distribution,' and 'Latest EVE-OS Images' widgets in the donut and horizontal bar charts. You can hover around these donuts to get the number in each distribution.

1.2. Detail View

  • Step 1 > Click on one of the 'EVE-OS Images' in the list view to show the detailed view.
The detail view shows the Basic info tab.

a) Identity

Appropriate fields, along with their values, are shown in the table below.
Input Field Value
Id Unique id.
Name This is unique across the enterprise and cannot be changed.
Title This is user-defined and can be changed.
Description A detailed explanation of what the application image is used for. Not mandatory.
Image Format
Select the appropriate Image Format from the dropdown list.
  • Container
  • QCOW2
  • RAW
Image Architecture
Select the appropriate Image Architecture from the dropdown list.
  • AMD64
  • ARM64
 Status of the image
Image Type EVE-OS Image in this case.
Created By Who created
Created At Where is it created 
Last Updated By Who updated
Last Updated At When it was updated

b) Details

Appropriate fields, along with their values, are shown in the table below.
Input Field Value
Data Store
Select the appropriate Data Store from the dropdown list.
  • Azure
  • AWS
  • Container
Scope: Projects
Choose the appropriate project from the list.
Image SHA256 Enter the secure Hash Algorithm 256-bit, which is used for cryptographic security.
Image Size Image size in Bytes, KB (Kilobytes), MB (Megabytes), GB (Gigabytes), or TB (Terabytes).

2. Operations using ZEDEDA CLI

To log in to the ZEDEDA platform through ZEDEDA CLI, see here.

2.1. Read (Show)

You can use the following command to see the created EVE and App Images details:
zcli> zcli image show [[[<name> | --uuid=<uuid> | --latest=[AMD64|ARM64]] [--detail]] | [--type=[Eve|Application|EvePrivate] --arch=[AMD64|ARM64] --status=<status> --datastore-name=<datastore> --summary --name-pattern=<name-pattern>]]
For example, the show command for an image displays the following output:
zcli> zcli image show
Image Title Type Format Size Status
--------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- -------------- ------- -------- -------------------
0.0.0-snapshot-master-5fd7a487-xen-amd64 0.0.0-snapshot-master-5fd7a487-xen-amd64 IMAGE_TYPE_EVE QCOW2 219.7 MB IMAGE_STATUS_READY
0.0.0-snapshot-977ca33e-2019-12-13.00.42-amd64 0.0.0-snapshot-977ca33e-2019-12-13.00.42-amd64 IMAGE_TYPE_EVE QCOW2 0.0 BB IMAGE_STATUS_CREATED
Total 2 Active Apps 0 Active Base Images 2 Total Apps 0 Total Base Images 2
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