The reports link shows an interactive way to filter and view different statistics about the ZEDEDA Cloud assets. You can find Events, Utilization reports, and Network data flow here.
  • Step 1 > Click on the 'Reports' (Reports_icon.png) icon from the left navigation.



Select Report

The following steps are related to the 'Select Report' section. Steps 2 to 5 are about 'Events'. Events can be viewed as per severity or object type.
  • Step 2 > Click on the dropdown to see either 'Events', 'Utilization', or 'Network' reports.
  • Step 3 > Select 'Events' from the dropdown list.
  • Step 4 > From the dropdown, select the appropriate option.
  • Step 5 > From the calendar option, select the appropriate duration to see the reports.
Step 6 is about 'Utilization'.
  • Step 6 > Various utilization parameters are displayed, such as CPU, memory, storage, and network rates.
Step 7 is about 'Network'.
  • Step 7 > Sankey diagram of network flow is displayed with traffic flow, DNS, remote IP, protocol, remote port, ACL number, and permission captured.
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