Import Edge Applications


The administrator can add brands and models for their enterprise so that these are available to all users to be used in projects. This section will see how to onboard edge applications from the global application marketplace to your local enterprise marketplace.

Import Edge Applications to Enterprise

After you log in to the ZEDEDA GUI:
  1. Click on the Marketplace (Marketplace_icon.png) icon to go to the Marketplace. You will see two secondary tabs called 'Edge Apps' and 'Models' on the top, with 'Edge Apps' being selected by default.
  2. The 'Edge Apps' page shows the top panel, which shows the edge applications available for your enterprise. The lower panel shows the edge applications already there in your enterprise if any.
  3. Click on the expand (Expand_Panel_icon.png) icon on the top panel to expand the panel, to expand the top panel.
  4. List of 'Categories' on the left-hand side, which could be used to filter out the type of edge applications you are interested in importing to your enterprise.
  5. The middle panel shows a 'cards carousel' view of the available edge applications.
  6. Click on the right side arrow to see the next set of applications.
Every card shows two types of icons on the right top corner.
  • A tick () on the card means the particular application is already imported to your enterprise.
  • An Arrow () on the card means this application is not yet imported to your enterprise.
Once you have finalized which edge application you want to onboard:
  1. Click on the card to see a detailed view of that edge application.
  2. Click on the 'Import Edge App' button on the top right to import the edge application to your enterprise.
Note: Import of the edge application is completed.

Detailed View of the Edge Application

On successfully importing the edge application to your enterprise: click on the card to view the details of the application.
You can either edit the editable fields with updated details or click on the 'Deploy Edge App' button to deploy the application on any of your desired edge nodes.
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