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Support for Updated Edge Application Configuration—Starting with ZedControl Release 5.19.0, in the edge application create a workflow, you can see a new dropdown for the 'Adapter Type' with different types of adapters listed. Adapter Type appears while adding an environment with the interface as a direct attachment.
Support for Edge Application Instance deployment Configuration:
  • Single Application Deployment—Starting with ZedControl Release 5.19.0, an 'IO Adapter Type' field is added which shows the adapter selected while creating an edge application. Also, the 'IO Adapter Bundle' field is categorized based on the type, such as Ethernet, USB, and so on.
  • Multiple (Bulk) Applications Deployment—Starting with ZedControl Release 5.19.0, the 'Tag' parameter is added in the dropdown list of the 'Network Instance Assignment Method' field and also while creating the custom network instance. For 'IO Adapter Type' you need to specify a tag which is assigned to that particular adapter while configuring the edge node.
Support for Project-based Updates
  • Starting with ZedControl Release 5.19.0, the following updates are available/enabled:
    • The 'Network Instance Policy' is added under the 'Policies' section while creating a Project. You can create a network instance policy that is the same as present in the edge application instance workflow.
    • You can control the names of the auto deployed applications by name aliasing in the project configurator will allow you to do that.
    • Multiple adapter support is enabled.
    • Project-based auto edge application deployment is enabled.
[Look at Projects].

Deprecated Features

There are no deprecated features in this release.
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