What's new (User Facing)?

Azure Multi-Module Policy Support—Starting with ZedControl Release 5.18.0, multiple Azure module policies are supported in ZedUI along with newly introduced editable module tag, priority, and twin details. As long as tags are separate or priorities are set correctly, the matching number of deployments will happen through an Azure-managed deployment manifest.
Multiple Azure module policies mean you can now run the same modules on more than one edge node with different twin settings. The module policy with higher priority will get applied.
Support For Tagging Capabilities At Various Object-levels—Starting with ZedControl Release 5.18.0, the following object-level and sub-object level tags are supported in ZedUI:
  • Edge node tag
    • Network Adapters tag under Adapters
    • IO Adapters tag under Adapters
  • Network instance tag
  • Application instance tag

Deprecated Features

There are no deprecated features in this release.
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