What's new (User Facing)?

Support to Offboard an Edge Node—Starting with ZedControl Release 6.6.0, 'Offboard' support is added to the life cycle operations on the edge node. This means you can now offboard an edge node from one enterprise (for example, ZEDEDA) and re-onboard the same edge node in another enterprise (customer location).
Virtualization Capabilities Field Support—Starting with ZedControl Release 6.6.0, the 'Virtualization Capabilities' field is added to the edge node's detailed view. The capabilities include if the virtualization is VT-x or VT-d enabled. These capabilities were added in EVE for the cloud to cascade, are now shown in the ZedUI.
Version Field Support—Starting with ZedControl Release 6.6.0, the 'Version' field is added in the following places:
  • Edge application list view.
  • Creating an application bundle from the Marketplace.

Deprecated Features

There are no deprecated features in this release.
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