What's new (User Facing)?

Support for Extended Edge Node Adapter Usage–Starting with ZedControl Release 6.9.0, ZedControl allows mapping multiple application instances to a single adapter. However, only one application instance can use the adapter at any given instance of time. Before this release, ZedControl was not allowing more than one app instance to use a single adapter.
Support for Local HTTP Datastore–Starting with ZedControl Release 6.9.0, the datastore can reside within EVE-OS. An HTTP server can be run as a VM or a Container inside EVE-OS and store the application images. You can download these images to spawn other applications. The FQDN must be of the following format: <http://hostname.local>.
Support to Upload Certificates for HTTPS Datastore–Starting with ZedControl Release 6.9.0, the user can upload one or more certificates for HTTPS type of datastore.
[Look at Data Stores].

Deprecated Features

There are no deprecated features in this release.
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