Windows 10 Virtual Machine (VM) with a Routed Virtual Network

The user can deploy a Windows 10 Virtual Machine (VM) with a routed virtual network (switch network) instance with no control over the port and a meaningful IP Address.


  1. Windows 10 images downloaded from Microsoft or created with media creator.
  2. Refer to the following guides to create EVE-OS compatible Windows 10 images:

Prepare Windows 10 VM for edge deployment onboard an application using ZedUI

The following diagram shows an overview of each major configuration step in preparing your VM for deployment by enabling it to run at the edge.


The following are the step-by-step documents you can refer to deploy the Windows 10 VM successfully: 

  1. Add Data Stores to the ZEDEDA UI.
  2. Add an Application Image to the Data Store.
  3. Add a Network Instance.
  4. Create an Edge Application.
  5. Deploy an Edge Application Instance on Edge Nodes.
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