ZEDEDA CLI overview

The ZEDEDA CLI (ZCLI) is a command-line interface that enables you to interact with ZEDEDA Cloud. It's one of the the three primary ways that you can interact with ZEDEDA Cloud: the ZEDEDA GUI, the ZEDEDA API, and the ZEDEDA CLI.


Docker Desktop must be running.

Start the ZCLI

The ZCLI is a Docker container, which you must run in a terminal. The first time you start the container, Docker will pull from ZEDEDA's registry to get all of the required images. This may take a few moments.
To start the ZCLI Docker container, run the following command in your terminal
docker run -it zededa/zcli:latest

Log in to the ZCLI

Use your ZEDEDA Cloud credentials

Log in to ZEDEDA Cloud using the same credentials you use for the ZEDEDA GUI. To do so, follow the steps below:
  1. Use the zcli configure command to trigger the prompt for authentication
    • zcli configure
  2. Specify the server address, zedcontrol.zededa.net is the default server
  3. Answer "n" to "Login with token?(y/n) [n]:"
  4. Enter the Username and Password fields
  5. Log in to ZEDEDA Cloud with the zcli login command.
    • zcli login


Use a unique session token

To authenticate with ZEDEDA Cloud using a session token, you'll need to copy your token from the ZEDEDA GUI and then paste it into the ZCLI when it prompts you for it. To do so, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to the ZEDEDA GUI.
  2. Click on your user profile dropdown, located in the top right area of your GUI.
  3. Hover over your username and select User Details.
  4. Follow the instructions in the User Details page's Session Information section to copy your session token.
  5. Use the zcli configure command to trigger the prompt for your session token.
    • zcli configure
  6. Specify the server address, zedcontrol.zededa.net is the default server
  7. Answer "y" to "Login with token?(y/n) [n]:"
  8. Paste the session token from previous steps and press enter
  9. Log in to ZEDEDA Cloud with the zcli login command.
    • zcli login

ZCLI Commands

To see a list of commands available to you in the ZCLIe, run the zcli command. For the majority of ZCLI commands, if the command runs successfully, there won't be any output. If the command fails to execute as expected, however, you will see relevant error messages.
zcli> zcli
 zcli [--help|-h|--version|-v]
 zcli [--debug] [--format=<json|text>] [--no-verify] <command> [<args>...]
 zcli - ZEDEDA Command Line Interface
 zcli is a client for interacting with ZEDEDA Cloud controller.
 zcli helps in lifecycle management of Edge nodes and orchestrating
 Edge applications on those Edge nodes.
 zcli has many commands. The commands are listed below and each has
 its own man page which explain usage and arguments. To see the man
 page for a command run `man zcli-<command>`.
   Manage Authorization profiles
   Manage Hardware brands for Edge nodes
   Configure access to ZEDEDA Cloud controller
   Manage Datastores for images
   Manage Edge application manifests
    Manage Edge application instances running on edge-nodes
   Manage Edge nodes
   View events from Edge nodes and log of user actions
   Manage Edge application images in datastores
   Manage long-standing tasks on multiple Edge nodes and/or Edge
   application instances
   Login to ZEDEDA Cloud controller
   Logout from ZEDEDA Cloud controller
   Manage Hardware models for Edge nodes
   Manage Edge node networking
   Manage Edge application networking within an Edge node
   Manage Projects (resource groups)
   Manage Roles
   Manage User access to ZEDEDA Cloud controller
   Manage Volume instances
 zcli --help
 zcli --version
 For specific zcli command examples please see the man page for the
 command. For example: `man zcli-edge-node` or `man zcli-project`
 -v, --version
   Show zcli version and ZEDEDA Cloud controller version (if logged in).
 -h, --help
   Print usage statement.
 -d, --debug
   Enable debug mode. Default is false.
 -o, --format=<json|text>
   The formatting style for command output. This will suprecede
   format configured in `zcli configure`.
   - json
   - text
 -k, --no-verify
   By default, zcli uses TLS when communicating with ZEDEDA Cloud controller.
   For each TLS connection, zcli will verify TLS certificates.
   This option overrides the default behavior of verifying TLS
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