ZEDEDA Graphical User Interface overview

The ZEDEDA graphical user interface (GUI) is a web app that interacts with ZEDEDA CLOUD.

Logging in to the ZEDEDA GUI

You can log in using one of the following two methods:
  • Local authentication
  • Single Sign-On

After you log in, you will see the dashboard, the ZEDEDA GUI landing page, which displays various metrics related to your enterprise and is described in more detail later in this document.


Top navigation bar

The Top Nav Bar has three components:
  1. Branding.
  2. Project selection.
    • The project selection dropdown.
    • The recently visited projects dropdown.
  3. Your profile options.
    • Your personal profile options.
    • Your enterprise profile options.
    • ZEDEDA's Terms & Policies.

When you select an individual project from one of the project selection menus, your dashboard will display metrics for only that project.

To return to the default (aggregate) dashboard metrics, which display aggregate data for all of the projects in your enterprise, click the x in the project selection dropdown.


In the following image, taken from the branding section, the ZEDEDA logo would be replaced with your company logo, and "TechLab" would be replaced with your enterprise name.



Side navigation bar

The collapsible side nav bar allows you to navigate through the primary features of ZEDEDA Cloud. At the bottom, you'll find an outbound link to ZEDEDA's Help Center.
Using the side nav bar, you can access the following features:
  • The Dashboard: The default landing page for all users, which display a default set of customizable dashboard widgets.
  • Edge Nodes: A page that displays a list of your edge nodes in your enterprise, browsable by  projects and states.
  • Edge App Instances: A page that displays a list of all the Edge App Instances in your enterprise.
  • Cluster Instances: A page that displays a list of all the Cluster Instances in your enterprise.
  • Library: A link allows you to navigate to your enterprise's other asset's, such as the Networks, Network instances, Data Stores, EVE-OS Images App Images, Volume Instances, pages.
  • Reports: A page that displays a interactive statistics about the ZEDEDA assets.
  • Jobs: A page that displays all the jobs in your enterprise. Jobs are created when you perform various actions in ZEDEDA, such as installing or updating EVE-OS.
  • Marketplace: A link that allows you to navigate to pages that display all of the supported edge apps and models in your enterprise.
  • Administration: A link that allows you to navigate to the Projects, Roles, and Users pages.


The dashboard is the first page you see after you log in. It provides an overview of your enterprise, displayed by an array of panels that you can customize. Each panel shows metrics for either a single project or for all of your projects in aggregate. These panels refresh periodically.
NOTE: The first time you log in, you will see mostly empty panels because you won't have onboarded any edge nodes yet.
To customize your panels, click on the Adjust icon in the top right of your dashboard.Screenshot

Feature pages

Each feature page is described in more detail in the documentation for the feature it interfaces with. But there are basic elements of the GUI that are consistent across feature pages. The top and side navs persist as you navigate through the ZEDEDA GUI, ensuring that you are always able to easily navigate from one feature display to another.



Most of our feature pages have some combination of these three icons that let you add new entities, filter the displays, and perform other feature-specific actions.


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