Offline Profile Server


An offline profile server is a feature that lets the user manage the applications running on an edge node through a server application on the same node.

Offline Profile Server

  • This server application lets the users bring up/halt multiple sets of applications. 
  • This way, multiple applications that require particular physical peripherals (e.g., GPU, USB) can be accommodated in the same Edge Node. Whichever applications are brought up (one at a time) uses that peripheral.
  • It lets the user manage the applications when the device is offline, i.e., when its management interface is down.
  • Effective utilization of resources like Memory, CPU, and storage. An as different set of applications can run on the same node at other times
  • The operations supported through a profile server are View Edge Node information, View Application statuses, STOP applications, PURGE applications, and POWER OFF the Edge Node.
  • Profile server takes precedence over ZEDEDA Cloud while managing the applications.
  • Only applications part of a profile are managed through the profile server. Other applications are not.
  • Offline Profile Server API doc:

Deploy Applications using Offline Profile Server

To deploy an application using an offline profile server follow these steps.

  1. Create Network Instance for an app-shared network interface.
  2. Tag the Edge Node.
  3. Deploy Offline Profile Server.
  4. Deploy Intended Application Instances.



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