HelloEVE Tutorial: Easily Deploy Your First Edge Application

This tutorial provides users who are new to ZEDEDA with an experience of how easy it can be to deploy an application to the edge.

ZEDEDA Enterprise Prerequisites

  • User role that allows edge node and application management
  • Edge node that is online
  • HelloEVE application available to import from the Marketplace 

HelloEVE Application

The HelloEVE application is a Docker container app that runs a basic Nginx web service hosting a HelloEVE branded web page. If the application is successfully deployed, and you have network access to the edge node, you’ll be able to open your web browser and load the HellowEVE page.


Deploying HelloEVE

Here's a summary of the detailed steps below:
  • Import the HelloEVE application to your enterprise from the Marketplace
  • Deploy the HelloEVE application to your edge node
  • Open your browser to http://<NODE IP ADDRESS>:8080 to verify deployment of the HelloEVE webpage


Importing HelloEVE to your Enterprise

  1. Go to Marketplace (Shopping Cart icon on the navigation bar)
  2. Open the top drop down section by clicking the down arrow to see Edge Apps available for enterprise use.
  3. Select DevOps category and find HelloEVE.
  4. Click the application tile to open the application details page. Then click the Import Edge App button.
  5. Now you should see HelloEVE in the lower section of applications that have been added to your enterprise.


Deploying HelloEVE to Edge Node

  1. To deploy, either click the Rocket Icon (image5.png) or open the tile and click the Deploy Edge App button in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. On the first wizard page, select a Project, and then if the Number of Deployments is “Single”, select a specific edge node from the list. Alternatively, by selecting “Multiple”, the app will be deployed to all nodes in the project.
  3. On the second wizard page, enter a name such as HelloEVE. Optionally, update or enter data into other fields.
  4. Click the Next button on the 3rd and 4th wizard pages.
  5. On the final wizard page, click the Deploy button.
  6. The Edge App Instances page will automatically load. Click the name of the application to open a detailed view.
  7. The end state goal is for the application to show a green online circle. Click the Events tab to monitor the application deployment phases to see the steps toward that state.
  8. Once the application is in the online state, you are ready to load the HelloEVE web page. First, find the IP address of the edge node by browsing the Basic Info tab. Copy the IP address.
  9. Now open your browser and paste the IP address appended with port 8080, for example, per the previous screenshot you would load:
  10. If you see the HelloEVE page, success! 🎉image4.png
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