ZEDEDA Release October 15, 2022

1. Release Notes Introduction

This note captures a consolidated list of release notes covering features from 8.0.0 to 8.12.0 releases. Because the features were released incrementally over several months, most of these enhancements have already been deployed, so users will not see radical changes.

2. Release Features

2.1. RBAC

  • Support for Fine-grained RBAC–Multiple projects are now supported starting with ZEDEDA  Release 8.12.0.
    • For details, refer to:

2.2. Data Streams

  • Support for Streaming EventsStarting with ZEDEDA Release 8.12.0, support is enabled to configure streaming of events to a third-party endpoint like Splunk with a configurable filter (for example send only 'login events').

2.3. ZFS

  • Support for ZFS MetricsStarting with ZEDEDA Release 8.12.0, support is enhanced for better reporting of status/metrics of ZFS volumes for both Edge Nodes and Edge Application Instances.

2.4. NVME Storage

  • Support for NVME Storage DrivesStarting with ZEDEDA Release 8.12.0, drives can be passed as direct-attach to application instances.
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