CPU pinning for an Edge Application Instances

1. CPU pinning, support behavior in EVE-OS, and advantages

CPU Pinning is one technique used to improve the application VM process efficiency. ZEDEDA VM and Container Applications support this. 

  • When you enable CPU pinning for an application, the CPUs of a particular VM is confined to work on the specific number of performance cores on Edge Node. This means:
    • The requested number of cores is allocated.
    • Once allocated, the cores are reserved for the application. The application is guaranteed to run only on these cores; no other applications can run on these cores.
  • When CPU pinning is not used, the CPUs of a particular VM are allowed to be executed on any pCores of the physical host. Each thread can be shared among 2, 4, or more CPUs.

Note: CPU pinning is NOT enabled by default.

1.1. Advantages of CPU Pinning

  • No CPU sharing.
  • Maximize CPU cache efficiency.

2. Configuring CPU pinning

Note: CPU pinning is an application bundle attribute, that can be set only when an application bundle is created and cannot be updated later. Application Instances inherit this attribute from the application bundle when created and cannot override it.

2.1. Configure using UI

You can configure or view the current configuration for an edge app's CPU pinning feature in the following ways using the ZEDEDA GUI.

  • When you add an edge application, you have the option to enable CPU pinning for that edge app.
  • The Edge Application 'Details' page shows whether CPU pinning is enabled.
  • The Edge Application Instance 'Basic Info' page shows whether CPU pinning is enabled.
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