Getting Started ZEDEDA Cloud Edge Management
Who are we?
ZEDEDA is the leader in management and orchestration for distributed edge computing.
What does ZEDEDA do?
ZEDEDA provides a comprehensive, efficient, and intrinsically secure solution for managing and orchestrating your distributed edge infrastructure and edge applications. We bring the convenience and capacity of the cloud to the edge.
What is ZEDEDA Cloud?
ZEDEDA Cloud is a cloud application designed to remotely orchestrate and manage both hardware running EVE OS and your edge computing applications running on EVE OS. You can interact with ZEDEDA Cloud through a graphical user interface, through a command line interface, or through an API.
What is the difference between ZedControl and ZedCloud?
Both of these terms are deprecated. ZedCloud has been replaced with ZEDEDA Cloud, and ZedControl has been replaced by ZEDEDA GUI. ZEDEDA Cloud is a suite of ZEDEDA-managed microservices that orchestrates EVE nodes. The ZEDEDA GUI is an interface to ZEDEDA Cloud.
Do I need a license for every Edge Device?
Yes. Contact us for more information about our licensing structures.
How can I try ZEDEDA Cloud and EVE by myself?
To try ZEDEDA Cloud for a free 30 day trial period, sign up for our demo cluster. When you’re ready to move forward with ZEDEDA, refer to our Getting Started documentation and, to migrate your trial enterprise to a production cluster, contact support. If you want to try working with EVE before you try ZEDEDA, refer to the Eden documentation in the EVE Github repository.
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