Release 2.2.5

New in release 2.2.5 of the ZEDEDA Terraform Provider

New behavior: object recreation

You can now trigger some objects to be recreated when you change their name. Only select objects behave this way. For more information, see our guide to renaming ZEDEDA Terraform Provider objects.

Enhancement: provider and API parity

Terraform provider schemas are now synchronized with their corresponding API endpoints, ensuring that Terraform configurations always reflect changes to the ZEDEDA API.

Change, significant: authentication

You must now authenticate with an API-token. We removed Basic-Auth with a username and password.

For instructions about getting a token, see our article, How to use the ZEDEDA API.. For instructions about using your token to authenticate, see our guide, ZEDEDA Terraform Provider.


  • We removed adminstate_config. You can now configure admin_state directly. Diffs will be suppressed if the EdgeNode is in ADMINSTATE_REGISTERED state and your configuration is set to ADMINSTATE_ACTIVE.
  • We removed CSRF checks.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from creating an app instance due to mismatching interfaces.
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