Delete an EVE-OS image

This guide describes how to delete an EVE-OS image from your ZEDEDA Cloud enterprise.


You should be familiar with the content in our EVE-OS image overview.



  • You can’t delete an EVE-OS image while it’s marked as a latest image. If you want to delete a latest image, you must first replace it with a new latest image.
  • At this time, you can’t delete EVE-OS images using the ZEDEDA GUI. You can only delete an EVE-OS image from ZEDEDA Cloud using the ZCLI.


Deleting an EVE-OS image from your ZEDEDA Cloud enterprise does not delete the image from your datastore. You’ll need to delete it there separately.

Delete an EVE-OS image

  1. Log in to the ZCLI.
  2. Delete the target EVE-OS image. You will be prompted to confirm the operation.
    zcli image delete IMAGE_NAME
  3. Enter “y” (yes) to confirm the deletion when prompted. If you need to cancel the operation, enter “N” (No).
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