Managing latest EVE-OS images

This guide describes how to manage your enterprise’s latest EVE-OS images. You’ll find instructions for viewing which images are currently marked as latest; for marking a new image as latest and for removing a latest image.

Before you read ahead, you may want to be familiar with our EVE-OS images overview.


You must have an EVE-OS image in your enterprise. If your enterprise doesn't have one, read our guide about adding an EVE-OS image to your ZEDEDA enterprise.


Versions of EVE-OS marked as latest in your enterprise are not necessarily the latest versions of EVE-OS available. You need to track EVE releases and add new versions to your enterprise.

When you add an EVE-OS image to your enterprise, ZEDEDA Cloud does not automatically mark it as the latest image. You need to do that explicitly every time that you want a new latest image.

Your enterprise can have a latest image for each architecture compatible with EVE-OS. They don’t have to be the same numbered version of EVE-OS.

View latest EVE-OS images for your enterprise Chain_link_icon_slanted.png


  1. Log in to the ZEDEDA GUI.
  2. Hover over Library on the left side nav.
  3. Select EVE-OS images.
  4. Open the Summary panel at the top of the page.

    Your latest images will be displayed here. Look for the orange arrow, pointing to the file name.

Use the ZCLI

  1. Log in to the ZCLI.
  2. Print the latest AMD64 or ARM64 image to your terminal.
    zcli image show --latest=AMD64_OR_ARM64

Mark an EVE-OS image as latest Chain_link_icon_slanted.png

At this time, you can only mark an image as latest using the ZCLI.

Use the ZCLI

  1. Log in to the ZCLI.
  2. Mark your target EVE-OS image as latest.
    zcli image mark-latest IMAGE_NAME --image-arch=AMD64_OR_ARM64
    e.g.: zcli image mark-latest 11.0.5-lts-kvm-amd64 --image-arch=AMD64
  3. Verify that you have a new latest image by viewing your latest images.

Removing a latest EVE-OS image Chain_link_icon_slanted.png

Images marked as latest can’t be deleted. if you want to delete an EVE-OS image that's marked as latest, you must first mark a new image as latest.

If you try to delete an EVE-OS image that is currently marked as latest, the operation will fail and you’ll get the following error.

Image delete failed: Conflict
[Error DependencyConflict: Dependent Entry exists]
[Error DependencyConflict: Image 7.4.1-kvm-amd64 is marked as latest image for AMD64, can't be deleted]

To delete an EVE-OS image, see our guide to deleting EVE-OS images.

Next steps

If you want to update your edge nodes with your new latest image, see our guide on updating edge nodes with the latest version of EVE-OS.

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