How to add a container as an Edge App Type


This article describes how to add a container as an edge application type.


  1. Log in to the ZEDEDA GUI.
  2. Hover over Marketplace on the left side nav and click on Edge Apps.
  3. Click on the icon + to create a new edge app.
  4. Select Container as the Edge App Type.
  5. Fill in the Identity section. Note the following fields.
    • Name: This value can't be changed later.
    • Version: Provide the version of your edge application.
  6. Configure the Resources section. Note the following field.
    • Resource: You can choose either a pre-configured size profile or specify custom values for CPU, Memory, and Storage.
  7. Fill in the Drives section. Choose an existing image or upload one as instructed in our guide to Edge App Images
  8. Fill in the Environments section by clicking on Add Environment. Note the following fields.
    • Direct Attach: Check if you're using the hardware resource directly, known as Passthrough.
    • Add inbound rules section by clicking on Add Rule.
      • Edge App Port, Rate, Burst: Specify these if Action is set to Limit.
  9. Determine if you need to add a custom configuration template. For information, see our guide on Custom Configuration Edge Application.
  10. Fill in the Developer Info section. Note the following fields.
    • Agreement: A place to include specific agreements about services offered or standards complied with.
    • Support Description: Add relevant support contacts or instructions.
  11. Click the Add button to add the container edge application.
  12. Verify your new addition by checking for it in the ZEDEDA Marketplace.
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